About us

We are a furniture-making shop,
an architectural firm
within a handicraft workshop.
Here, architects, technicians and master carpenters
work together in order to give shape and substance
to our customers’ desires.

Our firm

We design and manufacture sartorial spaces and furniture characterised by high architectural quality in short time and with competitive costs; small and large projects, each of which is different and unique: from boutiques to yachts to private houses.

Everything with the same care, the same innate passion for doing things well and for making them beautiful, for taking care of their harmony and liveability. All these are the characteristics that represent the hallmark of our Made in Italy excellence.

Our workshop

We are proud of being a contemporary cabinet-making workshop in which theory and practice still coexist as in a Renaissance workshop: architects’ cultural and professional competence joins artisans’ technical-manufacturing skills.

The architect is the head of the workshop and the site manager who supervises the entire process from the formulation phase to the manufacturing and installation phase, up to the final inspection in a process in the round.