Work with us

We are looking for collaborators in love with wood,
perfectionists, problem solvers by vocation.
We are looking for humble, curious students
willing to learn a craft
in the workshop, as in the Renaissance.

The experience we offer

We are a company of people who are called by their names and who work together. We are architects, technicians, master carpenters, artisans, and specialised workers who have something new to learn or to teach to each other every day.

Among the architecture office, the technical office and the production workshop, there is no separation; they are all one: the spaces are divided only by glass windows and connected by means of glazed doors.

Each project is different: a unique, unrepeatable experience. Cross experiences and training produce new “flexible” professions that are hard to define.

The only attitude that we all share is the passion for doing things well, the humility and the willingness to learn, and the secret ambition for cultivating excellence.