The Renaissance Link is an association that was founded in Milan in 2009, and which gathers a lot of minds of the Italian culture that have come forward to identify, in a globalised world, the best way so as not to lose cultural identity and the “distinctive Italian values of quality that can considered universal, such as creativity and innovation, beauty and sustainability, richness of differences and a strong bond with the land”, and to turn into an example of economic and social success at the same time.

The purpose is not merely defending the ‘Made in Italy’, but rather “investigating a new social and economic paradigm, concentrating on the value of everyday happiness”.

With a manifesto of ten points, the Association intends to culturally promote the Italian Renaissance model in which culture, the liking for beauty, the ability to do, to integrate knowledge, to teach as well as the ability and humbleness to learn are combined with the entrepreneurial and cultural ability of those who preserve a strong bond with the land.

The purpose is to promote the culture of knowing how to do something, of the beauty there is in knowing how to do something, rather than in the culture of profit. The motivation that makes people act becomes an extremely strong driving force of richness and success of the company and of the people that are part of it, entrepreneurs and collaborators, with benefits for the territory and the complete social fabric.

The cultural promotion of these values makes The Renaissance Link association turn into “a collector and catalyst of proposals, projects and people that are in line with these themes in order to give Italy, Europe and the entire world new development perspectives and fresh growth energy”.

Over two years ago, a group of researchers of different disciplines – connected by the same vision of the world and the common belonging to The Renaissance Link – intended to identify 10 Italian companies that would mostly represent, at that particular time, a way of doing business that would follow the same foundational values promoted by the association.

As a result of this long research and study work, a book was published: “Il Talento dell’impresa” (The Talent of the Enterprise) edited by Giovanni Lanzone and Francesco Morace, Nomos Edizioni.

This first volume was followed by a second book: “L’Impresa del Talento. I territori creativi delle aziende italiane” (The Enterprise of Talent. The creative territories of Italian companies), which was aimed at continuing the description of the great entrepreneurial capacities of Italian companies run by families, even in these years of deep crisis.

The histories of the ten companies (including Ermes Ponti’s company) told in this second book show the capacity and mainly “the talent” of knowing how to understand the change in progress, and still continuing pursuing the values and the Italian peculiarities of the liking for beauty, for knowing how to do something, for knowing how to create out of nothing, and for knowing how to recognise and focus on other people’s sensibility and skill.