The “Ermes Ponti” method

Our method has been improved and perfected over the years thanks to the experience gained in the Made in Italy excellence sectors: since listening to the idea, the architect handles the entire executive design and production process in an integrated manner together with the technical office staff and the master carpenters involved, guaranteeing estimated times and costs.

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The method phases

The meeting

Our method is based on dialogue: when meeting us, our customer tells us what he would like, partially with words and partially through the context in which we will work, where our competence and our culture contribute to translation by means of a pencil and a blank sheet. This is how words and silences result into the first ideas.

Formulation of ideas

From the sketches and drawings, the first idea is formulated and structured; it is a sign on a sheet, but the person who draws it already knows how it must be built. Prefiguring what still does not exist is our work.

Our values are those we have always had. We look for true beauty as a result of the recognised functionality and solidity of rooms and furniture; the attention we pay to details, craft work and finishes do the rest. Beautiful minimalist houses on the photography set of a magazine; the house must be a harmonious, welcoming place; the space must be alive.

The design (made to measure)

Comfort remains at the discretion of customers; the particular comfort feeling that we want our customers to experience is that of the tailor-made suit. A table is also tried out, just like a suit is tried on; the height of a kitchen work-top or of the bathroom basin. Each of them has a specific height for the handle or a specific width for the mirror. Each of them has its proportions because “the building is a body” and, as such, in the architectural body there is a match among the parts that gives harmony to the whole body; “concinnitas universarum partium”, as Leon Battista Alberti used to call it. During our university training, we have studied his works, but we have mainly observed Mantova factories in order to learn his numerical method for site management.


Thanks to the careful 3D modelling, customers can assess the architect’s spatial pre-figurations. In the meantime, samples are made; wall finishes, wood, marble, glass, metals, fabrics, the possible integration with technological elements. For each 3D drawing on the screen, there are materials to be touched with the hands, to be assessed in broad daylight, to be smelled.


All the furniture machining and manufacturing phases are internally managed: from the careful selection of veneers, the cutting of solid wood, special machining operations with numerical control machines, to painting. Each piece of furniture is manufactured "on bench" (as it is said in jargon), with the care and intelligence of the hand, and the craftsmanship of each of our carpenters.

This pre-assembly phase in the workshop is one of the excellence guarantees of our work; carpenters make their own small structure and, as it grows, walk around it, observe with care, judge every single detail, correct any possible slight imperceptible defect; just for the sake of doing the things well.

The execution of works

Then the executive drawings are made in order to manage work in the site, which shall receive the furniture at the right time. The architect handles the entire executive design and production process in an integrated manner together with the technical office staff and the master carpenters involved.

The installation is managed in a coordinated manner with the site; walls, plasterboard, systems.

Delivery to the customer

On the prearranged date, coinciding with the boutique inauguration, the yacht launching or the simple removal to the new house, the space is delivered ready to be used immediately.

Care over time

Our pieces of furniture are not ancillary – they are often not even movable – they rather merge into the internal spaces they fit out; they are tailor-made, unique, true interiors architectural pieces, and they have a property value just as the property itself. For this reason, regardless of the number of years that have passed by, we guarantee not a simple after-sales service, but our special care and maintenance service for our customers.