Our people

We are a company of people
who are called by their names and who work together.
We are architects, technicians, master carpenters, artisans, and specialised workers
who have something new to learn or to teach to each other every day.


Both of us are incidentally grandchildren of carpenters and grew up in the workshop with the scent of wood in our noses. We have had the privilege of studying in Florence; studying Florence, which is – on itself – master of architecture, history, culture and craft through the cognitive use of drawing as a living instrument of our profession.

We believe in the inalienable value of doing things well until obtaining excellence and beauty by controlling all the project functional and practical aspects.


We are people who have grown professionally with years of training and experience on varied projects, both small and large, in every corner of the world.

We like combining the competence acquired in different, distant projects – cross training – with the new experience of the most recent project in progress; everything custom-made.

We are problem solvers by vocation, because each order is a different – and often unique – experience.


We are proud of being the master carpenters who have learned how to do woodwork here. We are characterised by the Italian delight in excellence or in the passion for doing things well, that is, doing them in a workmanlike manner and filled with passion.

As a matter of fact, each piece of furniture is a small word, a work made by our hands; we perfect it in detail, we conceive it, we manufacture it, and we install it with personal care. And customers appreciate this uncommon artisan care.


Here, “we learn by doing”. This is a training-ground for life; hand intelligence is nourished; people are educated so that they make full use of their human potential, so that they take delight in doing things well, so that they develop their delight in excellence.

Anyone working here has learned over the years a precious craft, and has something to teach to those who have the willingness, the humility and the patience to learn.

For this reason, we look for students who are greedy for learning, students who burning inside them feel the urgent need to learn. As Immanuel Kant noted, “the hand is the window on to the mind”.