Art Jewellery

A start-up for art jewellery
A refined lady contacted us to design and fit a showroom for world-class Italian jewellery to be set in a historical palazzo in the Province of Mantua. All limited edition pieces made in Valenza Po.

An extraordinary start-up born out of the owner’s passion for artistic jewellery.

Just one condition: We should use the Maison’s logo and distinctive colours- a super-light dusty pink frilled with a black edge, reminiscent of Parisian influences.

A showroom inside a historical palazzo in Mantua
The location is a late-Renaissance building at the heart of one the historic quarters of Upper Mantua’s regions, near the Lake Garda. An exclusive, invitation-only place.

The interiors of the palazzo are outstanding- Flooring, ceilings, drapery and some original furniture. We chose to make our entrance as subtle as possible. No elements affixed to walls as it is customary in our made-to-measure architectural style.

Display cabinets
designed to enhance jewellery

These jewellery display cases become true protagonists set at the centre of the room; they can be arranged and re-arranged so as to form different paths along which customers walk. Those niches for jewellery-bags, which are also large, are lined up vertically on the walls to mirror the architecture of the palazzo.

The minimalism of shapes is enriched by unusual valuable materials, and it harmoniously blends the historical architecture of the rooms with the modern design of the precious pieces displayed.

The display case dedicated to bags was also conceived as a vertical element consisting of two long panels combed inwards to which LED strips are affixed to light the products frontally. Super-shiny lacquered external sides (100 gloss) in the same super-light dusty pink as the logo.

Pink microfiber was used to line the internal compartment while embroidered pink satin was used on the glossy ebony shelves and accessories.

Unique details. Precious materials.

The stand is made from sycamore, some uncommon wood, almost forgotten, that has gorgeous streaks, looking almost like some fabric, some shot satin, iridescent as if it were raw silk.

The showcase on top is made of super-transparent glass. It is laid flush with the base by means of a special and skilful technical solution. There is a round tray inside covered with black microfiber set to a black background so that the lustre and brilliance of the precious stones are stressed.

Special lighting

The lights have been also custom-made; they can be adjusted to two different heights to match the showcase heights (according to the height of the jewels displayed)

These are small black lights with shades that remind us of the shape of typical spotlights, with high colour-efficiency Japanese LEDs and with aiming lenses. They came in two versions so the light colours can be perfectly blended depending on the kind of diamond, precious stone or pearl to be lit.

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