Private House New York

A sophisticated client
An Italian-born New Yorker asked us to add the Italian style to his fabulous home in Midtown Manhattan.

The house is a three-storey building with a typical private entrance with a dozen steps above street level. The entrance for the garage is at the back of the building.

The client loved cutting edge fashion and design and preferred graduated shades and natural tones to plain colours. We tailored our design to suit his requirements perfectly.

Private house New York

A fil rouge

The most significant feature of the house was the floor-to-ceiling height. It was flatter than usual, especially when compared with the length of the living room which was completely open to the backyard terraced garden.

We created a striped wall panelling to give the feeling of height on the main walls. At eye level, we had a strong horizontal line which continues from inside to the outside fences and acts as a thread – a sort of fil rouge – between the indoor and outdoor spaces of the house.

A structural challenge
Right in the middle of the living room we had a structural column of the building. We changed this defect into an opportunity to create the focus of the whole living room.

We designed a case of units around the column which was between the sitting and the dining room. Now a 3D printed lamp is apparently suspended around the column.

The column completely disappears and an amazing lamp is the new focal point for the space. The client was so enthusiastic!

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