Private Villa Lake Garda, Italy

A location with “the” view
The location is a long shaped slice of land over the hill behind Torri del Benaco, one of the most beautiful small villages of the Lake Garda.

The project was committed by an investor from Verona whose ambition was to build one of the best villas of the whole lake.

He was searching for a high-end project with cutting edge interiors to be offered to his clients, well educated people from the world jet-set and who are accustomed to first-class solutions.

The task for us was to improve the value of the site and of the house by a specific project which aimed to emphasize and highlight the presence and the view of the lake and surrounding mountains.

Private Villa Lake Garda, Italy

Led by the site

We started from the site. The genius loci is our first rule, always. We searched and found the best position for the house and the best view of the lake.

From the entrance, we designed a big spyglass looking at the mountain in front of us. One needs to cross a small bridge to reach the pedestrian entrance door as the house is on a pendant hill.

We also took care of the position of the historic small chapel dedicated to Holy Mary behind the house: we decided the new building shouldn’t hide the view of the lake in front of it as in some particular days of the year this chapel is still used by the local people.

There is a word which inspires all: lightness.
The big roof on the living room is conceived like a light sail opening up towards the sky and the fireplace in the middle of the room is the mast of this ideal sailing boat.

Every detail inside is high-end, like in a yacht.

The continuous window works as a sort of membrane which opens the indoor space to the surrounding landscape and – at the same time – makes the outdoor space come inside the house. The house breathes the fresh air of the lake through this membrane.

Two blocks

The house is divided in two blocks.

On one side there is a kitchen with a pantry area, the dining room and the lift to access the floors beneath. There is a fantastic outdoor space for dining as well as to enjoy the amazing views.

On the other side, there is the more entertaining area with the formal dining area, two lounges, the daily bathroom and the stairs to access the floor beneath. Here the outdoor space accommodates a patio, the sundeck and a pool.

On the ground floor, on one side, there is the owner’s private apartment, with a large master bedroom, closet bedroom, bathroom and access to the lift.

On the other side, the guest area offers three bedrooms and bathrooms and access to the staircase.

Finally, in the basement, a SPA area, a lobby, and a few garages as well as access to the lift and to the staircase.

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