Corneliani historical gallery

Mantova (MN)

Small-scale restyling
Mr. Corrado Corneliani contacts us regarding a small-scale renovation: he wants to restore the hallways between the office building and the factory.

This is just a general restyling: a new coat of neutral industrial resin over the old floor, a fresh coat of paint on the walls and new modular false ceilings with LED lighting in the centre. The main corridor easily becomes a photographic gallery to showcase the wonderful collection of large-size pictures selected from the company ‘s advertising campaigns during the last fifty years.

Galleria storica Corneliani - Mantova

A museum in a few steps

Something happens at the crossroads between the main corridor and the little one that connects with the office buildings: in a few steps you almost have a small museum that tells the company story.

A long walnut base displays a series of old sewing-machines. Each of them is placed on an antique walnut tray highlighted by a 3D wood carving, protected only by a single layer of varnish to leave the finish as natural as possible. Of course, every single sewing-machine has its own background – a little screen covered with the same wool fabric used for the suits they sewed for years along time ago.

Just to give them the real historical context, we put an original, large-scale picture of the first Corneliani workshop, which was in an old deconsecrated Church in the centre of Mantua.

At the intersection between those two corridors, we built a large stud wall with the most famous advertising picture of the company and, in the opposite corner, an iron-shaped showcase with the most iconic sewing-machines. Just in front of them, the main entrance to the workshop is closed by two glass sliding doors printed with the logo found on Corneliani stores all around the world.

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