Our history

The history of our company has its roots in the world of Bassa Padana: From the thirties up to the present time, the story of the great talent and craftsmanship of those who have found their own way towards excellence.

Three generations

Walter Ponti

Our history begins in 1937, when grandfather Walter Ponti together with his brother opened a carpentry workshop called “Fratelli Ponti” (The Ponti Brothers), in San Giacomo Po.

In 1954, Walter decided to establish his own furniture manufacturing and exhibition workshop, investing in the purchase of machinery and using the premises of the former San Biagio plant. During those years, the company acquired real industrial solidity. Even back then, the furniture manufactured had a certain modern style that distinguished it from the offer that was available.

Ermes Ponti

When Ermes succeeded his father as the head of the company by the end of the sixties, he continued the company continuous growth and evolution by starting a fruitful collaboration with the well-known designer Gio Ponti from Milan: the “serie apta” (suited series) for a revolutionary “adapta” (adapted) house, an open space with flexible walls and light furniture that can be moved in the open plan, marks a revolutionary breakthrough and makes the company known all over Italy with the first contract supplies for hotels or like the one for the Taranto Cathedral.

Paolo Ponti

In 2000, thanks to the competence of Ermes’s son, Paolo, who graduated in architecture in Florence, a structural renewal period begins, resulting in the achievement of a new work method that involves the integrated management of the entire production process, from the original idea to its final actual execution.

Thanks to this new organisational structure, as well as to our ability to combine excellence in terms of design with handicraft execution, we have been able to acquire new important customers in few years.

The key points of our story

A revolutionary paint

1957 marks an important watershed, as Walter was hired by a polyester representative. At that time, polyester was used for waterproofing cars and yachts. According to the representative, if it was properly modified, it could also be used for furniture. There were some months of experimentation, during which Walter improved its reliability, transforming it first into paint and then into an industrial product.

The participation in the Trade Fair of Milan with this innovative product was a great success and made the company known beyond the area of Mantova.

The new workshop

By the end of the seventies, the new workshop was built with innovative roofing with sheds oriented to the south, which are nowadays integrated with a system of photovoltaic panels, pointing to the attention we pay to the environment; with the first supplies abroad, the company grew quickly until having about thirty workers.

In the eighties, work is mainly related to traditional contract job orders, and supplies are made to important Italian industrial design brands in which particular high-quality cabinet-making works are requested, such as some famous Driade pieces.

In the nineties and thanks to the first Corneliani boutique in Monte Napoleone, we were able to get into the Retail world, which is nowadays one of the most important markets for us.

The architect-carpenter

The adoption of the Ermes Ponti method has led to a significant reduction of times and execution costs, which are unthinkable for customers, and to the achievement of valuable final results, revealing all the care with which the piece of furniture or the ordered housing and furnishing space has been manufactured, and placing our company at the top of the Made in Italy.

Today, we work for hotels, yachts and boutiques, both in Italy and abroad, and for private customers in Italy and around the World.

The ermesponti experience

Our end-to-end method
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