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The birth of a joint project
We started working for Sanlorenzo in 2008. As always we began by word of mouth. Their Design Manager contacted us. Twenty years before, he used to work in Driade, and he remembered the high handicraft quality of our small company and the remarkable problem-solving attitude that characterised the company’s director, Ermes Ponti, when it comes to dealing with and solving technical-shipbuilding problems.
We began with the most difficult job: completing a 72-feet yacht that was left half done by a company in trouble.
We did well and they asked us to build the first yachts, the smallest ones they had- precisely the 72-feet yachts.
After we gained their trust, we were entrusted with the furniture making of their 94 feet line. Here too we did very well and they give us the task of a larger-size-line of Sanlorenzo yachts, the SL 102 feet . After some projects on this line we moved on a larger scale lineand reached the 126 feet line.
In the meantime we did produce the bespoke furniture for the Sanlorenzo owner villa on the Ligurian coast near Lerici and he was so happy with our work that they always ask us to prototype every new product line project because of our problem solving attitude and high quality of the details.

An innovative method
Right from the start, we worked in a manner completely different from that of the suppliers of traditional navigation. Motivated also by the physical distance between Mantova and La Spezia our Viareggio ( where sanlorenzo boatyard are based), we tried to translate into the marine sector all the experience gained in previous years in the retail.

A small and silent revolution
Thanks to our experience and our comprehensive method to manage a project from start to finish, the work process of the yacht interior has been completely changed, giving a draught of fresh air and novelty to the traditionally conservative world of navigation. The final design of the furniture is made before the hull is built; all the shipbuilding and structural stages are directed by the same construction drawings made by our project manager. The structure is made in such a way that it can be blended with the subsequent furniture, taking to the yacht finished products instead of semi-finished products to be readapted and put together in the confined spaces of the yard.

Times and costs are significantly reduced
Being able to control the entire organisational and technical-execution management of the yard has led us, on the one hand, to increase the product handicraft quality and to obtain a noticeable improvement in structure-furniture coherence, and, on the other hand, to considerably reduce costs, to halve the average delivery times of the furniture of each yacht and to minimise errors during the execution phase.

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