San Lorenzo
SL126 / 55

The perfect light

In the end we reached the 126 feet line. The shipowner was an Austrian businessman, enthusiastic of lighting design.
Every corner of the ship, every material is illuminated with the perfect light. Special strips LED are been used in every single situation.
The three story staircase of this yacht deserves a mention; it is a completely free standing structure and the lights are not only on the steps , but also in the handrail recessed on the boiserie covered with nabuck wrapped around it.

The fil rouge of the project is an amazing teak with horizontal grain which embrace all the interiors. The wood is combined with boiseries of light coloured nabuck and glossy lacquered surfaces. The ceiling are in a special finish of metal with a black mirrror effect. The bathrooms are wide open with big glass surfaces and are covered by a special Italian marble.


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