San Lorenzo
SL94 / 611

Word of mouth

This 94 feet was custom made for an American shipowner and was crucial for ermesponti because brought us across the Atlantic Ocean on the coast of Florida.

The shipowner went by chance to visit our workshop during the making of the furniture and he was so impressed by our way of solve techichal problems and by the level of craftsmanship of our joiners. Just a few days later, he assigned to ermesponti the task of the interiors for a huge project of a villa in Tampa ( Florida). And after that, one year later he called us again for the interiors of his family’s retreat in the rocky mountains in Aspen, Colorado. That’s how it goes in ermesponti; a very satisfied client and the word of mouth are our favorite way of advertising.

Family’s portrait

When we say that we design and produce the portrait of our clients by their bespoke interiors, we really meant it. This yacht is a portrait of each member of the family.
The passion of the owner for physical activity is represented in his private gym on board; the kids’ interest for videogames is expressed by a special screen on the coffee table which unfolds like a flower from the horizontal top to the vertical position, ready to play; even the family’s beloved dog has its own niche with his bowl recessed on the floor.

The palette of materials is basically made of American walnut and scarved oak with precious 3d effects.


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