San Lorenzo
SL96 / 635

Cut-edge design

This 96 feet yacht was one of the most challenging for us. The shipowner was an Italian interpreneur with a very demanding attitude. He required a special interior project custom-designed by his entrusted designer. He was supposed to be a judge of each piece of furniture we make and he was severe during the process, but seemed to be fulfilled in the end.

The 635 is not the usual cutting edge design type, but – sorry for the pun- it is really an idea of design where every single edge has been cut off. Every corner is rounded. There is a sort of continuous line which connects each piece of furniture to the others.

O course this idea of continuity it’s been very difficult to translate in wood, especially if you consider that even the walls of an yacht’s interiors aren’t straight walls at all. As usual, we worked with specific templates and we selected the veneers in order to have the continuity of the grain especially in lower part of the boiserie.

The palette of materials is very personal; they chose teak on the floor and on the decks; mat white oak on the ceilings and a wonderful glossy heat-treated eucalyptus for the furniture. For frames and details they used stainless steel and for bathrooms Italian travertine.


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