San Lorenzo

Shipyards of Ameglia (SP)

A made-to-measure yacht for the customer
Photographed in the port of Rapallo, this is a 72-feet yacht with natural oak furniture and wenge floor. It immediately makes an impression due to its elegance and the refined details that cause a stir. In fact, this is only one of the large number of 72-feet yachts made for Sanlorenzo; each of them has custom-made finishes and interiors.

The installation of finished products
The wheelhouse bench – the heart of the yacht – as well as the guest room beds and other pieces of furniture have been fully made in the workshop and only afterwards installed in the shipyard, so as to facilitate their installation.

In particular, the beds have been made with special shapes (called “templates”), so that installers can later rest them and perfectly insert them in the two structural slots (“floor plates”) on the reference sides.

The wood grain
An extremely important operation is the careful selection of the packages of veneers, which are then put together in order to create the yacht dress.Thanks to our wide experience in this field, we have been able to create cabins with perfect horizontal grain continuity, as it can be seen in the perfectly matching strips of the natural oak shelving of the living-room area.In this case, the previous selection has been critical because the naturalness of the paint stresses even the smallest oak defects.

The use of special ironmongery
We have expressly decided to use special magnets, damped hinges and other types of special ironmongery in order to optimise the opening and closure systems on the yacht, where reduced space requires reducing the size of the pieces of furniture.

The selection of special paints
Given the fact that we have an internal painting workshop, we have been able to conduct serious research and development of samples and painting tests for each yacht and each type of wood.For example, we were able to reduce the damage caused by the natural teak fat layer in the subsequent painting phases, adjusting a special insulator to be applied before the so-called “primer” (the first coat of paint).


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