One of
a Kind

We are proud to be one of a kind.

In fact we are an architectural firm within a joiners’ workshop. All there is between the architects and the craftsmen is a glazed door. We work together! The thinking head is not apart from the working hands. We design and produce top quality custom-made interiors.

We are specialized in taking care of each single project end-to-end; from the very first idea to its completion.

Our aim is to fulfill your dream; we design an interior space around your needs and we fit the furniture on site.

Our work is a fluid process from the designing stage in our office to the furniture making in our workshop and the final installation in your construction site.

In our experience – as the Renaissance tradition teaches- this is the only way to achieve the highest quality and keep the cost and time to a minimum.

It’s time to learn from the past and go ahead to the future, this is our advice; if you are looking for a real first class bespoke interior, entrust your space to a professional who is able to take care of the whole process.


With our unique end-to-end process, we design and manufacture bespoke interiors for:


We only work by word of mouth.
We have no sales office.

Our best sales manager is our client.
Our aim is complete satisfaction.

We enjoy our niche position in the world of luxury interiors.

Every client is special to us and that is why we like to keep our business small.
We establish a long lasting cooperation design project by design project.
And we are sure this is the reason why our clients speak well of us.

Ask them for a business referral.

Take a look at the list below and you will get an idea of what reliability means to us.

We worked for Corneliani for twenty years until remains a family business. Then we continued to work for the family itself.
We designed and made hundreds of shops, dozens of showrooms and most of all we are proud to have been the inventors of the brand pattern of this -based in Mantova- menswear company and to to have bring the Mantegna’s pattern on the facade of one of the most well known malls of fashion street of Shangai.

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Although we are based far from the cost, we work for Sanlorenzo since the 2008, when the art director of the company chose us for our artisanal passion for details. Since then, we produced dozen of yachts ( SL 72 and SL 94) and not only boats. In fact some ship owner -impressed by our way of working- call us for some residential premises, both along the sea and on the mountains.

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We are so proud to be one of the suppliers of such as unique brand. We started producing some corners and small shops with them in the 2011. Project by project, year by year we deserved their confidence and they entrust us the task of the prestigious boutique of WTC New York and Ginza in Tokyo.

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We started to work for them recently in the 2018 by word-of-mounth; the world of luxury retail is smallest than it seems. But we began with a significant project: the first flagship of the new concept store at the Dubai mall. It seems they are happy with the outcome; they already gave the commitment of the second shop and some corners.

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There we are, again, through word of mouth. We began with the gorgeous project of the VIP apartment at the upper floor of via Montenapoleone, Milan; a refined project, in every single detail. That’s our favorite job. Today we still continue working for this big Italian brand. Small and big shops, suits and furniture, both made-to-measure in italy. We hope for a long lasting cooperation between the big Ermenegildo and the small Ermes.

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God is in
the details

We are architects and craftsmen and we work together, from start to finish.
Our heads and our hands work together in harmony, in a flowing process.
We must admit it; we strive for perfection.

The ermesponti experience

Our end-to-end method
but step-by-step for you.


It’s all a matter of perspective…

have a look through our field glasses.