Private houses projects

Made-to-measure furniture and architectural pieces, not standard pieces
Architecture presumes uniqueness; it is something different from industrial design, which is destined for serial reproduction.

For us, each house is a portrait, the most accurate portrait. They are never designs of generic furniture, but rather pieces of furniture that are always created specifically for someone (a customer who has asked for them), for something (any special requirement), for a space (a unique place that has determined their dimensions and characteristics).

We have the culture, the competence and the organisational instruments for concretising customers’ ideas of houses, studios, offices taking into account their specific requirements.

We are furniture stylists and tailors
First and foremost, we are architects who, as refined stylists, draw a special made-to-measure outfit for each customer. We choose and order the weaving of the fabric exclusively suitable for that outfit, the piece of furniture, and then we have it cut and sewed by our expert tailors: the carpenters.

This is what we do. And we are able to do it with extremely high levels of architectural quality of the spaces and craft quality of the product, with minimum costs on the market of the world of high design.

We ensure a competitive time-cost ratio with respect to the big brands of industrial design, offering customers high Italian tailoring products, not even comparable with the standard industry products.

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New York

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New York

A value that lasts for years

It is frequently said that “all of us need our own spaces”. Spaces for living, for working, for travelling. But we hardly ever worry too much about the quality of life in our spaces, about the essential correspondence between us and them, about the materials and finishes, about the paints used that we breathe everyday.

The interiors we design are extremely customised and offer perfect aesthetic and functional affinity with our customers’ desires.

They have an emotional value, producing a furnished space or also an individual piece of furniture, a unique piece, personal property and family heritage, and they represent an investment value because they merge into the building architecture, exalting its functional, aesthetic and even structural qualities.


The process: from the idea to the finished product
We offer private customers a unique experience, rather than a unique product. Such experience consists in creating a completely exclusive space for them and in being able to know all the workers in the workshop who can design and make this space.Starting from the customer’s inspiring idea and based on the existing spaces, the idea is first concretised in a series of sketches, then in 3D modelling, choosing, together with customers, details such as materials and the colour palette to be used, until we reach the realisation of the final furniture, which is delivered to the customer “on stream”.Do you want to know more about this?

The ermesponti experience

Our end-to-end method
but step-by-step for you.