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Ermesponti is a firm focused on you.

Each project is based on a ongoing dialogue between the architect and the client.

Let’s see together how it’s possible.

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The first phase starts from the first meeting between the architect and the client. Just an agreement to take the first step is needed.

The second phase concerns the architectural and interior design.

The third phase starts after your approval and a new agreement about the executive stage.

If needed, we take care of the construction and cost management. We arrange set of documentation for tenders, building regulation drawings, bill of quantity, electrical and hydraulic systems drawings. Everything in order to giude the contractors and get ready the white box to receive the furniture. In the meantime we do produce the furniture for it.

After the final installation of the custom designed and custom made furniture, you can admire the ultimate result.

100% designed and made to measure in Italy.

Our firm

We design and manufacture sartorial spaces and furniture characterised by high architectural quality in short time and with competitive costs; small and large projects, each of which is different and unique: from boutiques to yachts to private houses.

Everything with the same care, the same innate passion for doing things well and for making them beautiful, for taking care of their harmony and liveability. All these are the characteristics that represent the hallmark of our Made in Italy excellence.

Our workshop

We are proud of being a contemporary cabinet-making workshop in which theory and practice still coexist as in a Renaissance workshop: architects’ cultural and professional competence joins artisans’ technical-manufacturing skills.

The architect is the head of the workshop and the site manager who supervises the entire process from the formulation phase to the manufacturing and installation phase, up to the final inspection in a process in the round.


Paolo Ponti

CEO, architect

Paolo is a all-round professional;  a refined architect graduated in Florence and a skillful artisan trained in the family’s workshop. He is also a one-of-a- kind businessman. He is not interested in doing profits, but in reaching perfection. He believes that only controlling the whole process it is possible to reach first-class results at a reasonable cost.   He makes architects, designers, carpenters, artisans work together. He leads a team every year bigger (three-times bigger than the beginnings ) but everyday close-knit. He conducts ermesponti like an harmonious orchestra.


Daniela Podda

A.D. architect

I introduce myself; I am proud be Paolo’s wife and colleague. We studied, graduated and married in Florence. We moved in Mantua to run the family business and to practice our profession of architects. We do both since we founded Ermesponti. Like a third son, we gave to the newborn company the name of grandfather Ermes as a sign of reliability lasting from three generations. According to the role of woman in the western history, I work with my husband and possibly I improve on his skills; it isn’t big deal, but it’s been crucial in some projects.



Ermes Ponti

Ermes has been leading the company since the end of the sixties and continues the continuous growth and evolution of the company.

Giò Ponti

From the fruitful collaboration with the famous designer was born “apta series”, an open-space house with flexible walls and light furniture, which can be moved freely.

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